Andre and Kadri in Cambodia

Andre and Kadri in Cambodia

Chasing Ventures

Our story began few years ago and we invite you here to see it unfold in front of your eyes as we travel the World and chase the unknown.

We have been on the road for: 1047 days 20 hours 38 minutes 18 seconds

Kadri and Andre, as the protagonists of this story, would like to state here and now, that everything they do is guinea pig testing on their skins and therefore, before they have leveled up on the knowledge for hitchhiking and backpacking, some serious flaws and hilarious encounters may come on the way, so you are allowed to laugh out loud for the noobish mistakes.


As many our conversations with our friends and family (and often between ourselves) started with the question WHY? We take a minute to explain the bigger picture behind it. The easiest answer to this is: we just love to travel. As it might sound too cliché then the better explanation would be that every time we went traveling, we felt that the time spent on the road was not inversely proportional to the graving to discover new destinations. Therefore we had to make a decision that would allow us to travel longer and farther than we have ever had traveled before. And that decision made us packing everything we own into the  bags that we (barely) can carry, and leave our dearest family, friends and home.


Planning the whole process from scratch to the actual trip has been going on for few years. Day dreaming and drooling over the world map on our home wall, diving for hours into deep seas of internet travelers pages or buying books for dummies like “First Time Around The World” became a norm for us. During the time we were not traveling, we decided to bring other travelers to our home to inspire and encourage us. For that we allied with 3 million people world wide and opened our door for Couchsurfers. Over the three years we have hosted around 40 people from different corners of the world and have made friends for life, who we plan to visit also along the travel.

As before we were dead scared of hitchhiking, our surfers were the ones to tell us amazing stories and incredible incidences that accompanied them throughout their journeys. The more we listened, the more we realized, that that’s the path we want to take on.

And here we are today, like two snails with their “house” on their backs, going slowly but steadily on and on, with no steps backwards- with a few exceptions.

You can see our detailed route in here.


When are we going home or when are we finishing the trip? Is the question, we don’t have an answer for.

As Andre says : “We have savings for one, plans for two, but ideas for three years.”