Bosnia and Herzegovina

September 16, 2014

Waiting time: 40 minutes
We started the morning together with Milan, the German guy we met in train from Mostar to Sarajevo. Our plan was to get to Belgrade, he just wanted to take the first random car and see where it goes. What a good plan.
We walked out of the city on the highway – a self-k […]

Must visit places in Sarajevo are the abandoned ’84 Winter Olympic Games grounds. Unique location, divides the four Olympic villages on the different tops of the hills surrounding Sarajevo and sets them just 12 km apart from each other, making it one of the most accessible Olympic Games grounds in […]

September 15, 2014

Bosnia and Herzegovina had already surprised positively in many ways, but it remained unsure what to expect from Sarajevo. Going to the capital cities always gives us mixed emotions. They can be pretty big and boring if you don’t have any local showing you the hot spots around. Pictures in ou […]

September 13, 2014

Waiting time: nil
Getting away plan for Mostar was dead simple for us – take the train because the view is spectacular from the train. We didn’t want to miss that. After packing our bags, eating food, sending out a bunch of post cards we also got the tickets for train that leaves in the […]

If anybody knows anything about Mostar, then usually it is the bridge. The 25 m high single arch Old Bridge was a greatest architectural achievement in Ottoman times and has stayed one of the most symbolic construction in Balkans.
It represents the clash of the cultures in one nation and it was one […]

September 11, 2014

Waiting time: 25 min + 1 hour for the bus
We were determined to start moving that day. So much that even the heavy rain, promised to last  until the evening, didn’t change our mind. We just got out our raincoats and planned to win the nature. Naturally.
Livno hitchhike failure
The walk down t […]

When we entered Bosnia and Herzegovina, we did not know much about the country. Actually much would be an exaggerated, because our knowledge confined with the memory of war happening there in the recent history. But when we left finally the place, that seems so beautiful but yet so broken, we felt n […]

September 9, 2014

Waiting time: 40 min
The place for hitchhiking was best in the region – the only road going towards Livno. Although there were not too many cars passing by we could count several in a minute. Now all we needed was someone to be driving a bit further than the next village.
At least we had some […]

Waiting time: 12 min
We approached the guards at the border for passport control by foot. They were quite astonished to see us walking over the border in the middle of nowhere. When we told them we are autostopping our way towards Livno, they looked at us serious faces, gave us back our documents an […]