September 9, 2014

Waiting time: 12 min
We approached the guards at the border for passport control by foot. They were quite astonished to see us walking over the border in the middle of nowhere. When we told them we are autostopping our way towards Livno, they looked at us serious faces, gave us back our documents an […]

Waiting time: 43 min
The morning was hot pretty hot. The sun was out as we woke up early, to do some sightseeing before we head off after checkout. We had our morning burek with yoghurt and headed off to climb the hill to see the fortress and the view over the region. This used to be battle grounds […]

September 8, 2014

Waiting time: 1h 6min
We were dropped off in Drniš, small town not far away from Bosnia Herzegovina. The bus station seemed to be abandoned. Having heard the opinion of a local about the settlements located near the country border, we were about to visit dirty, dangerous and lost side of Croatia. T […]

Waiting time: 1h 6min
Getting in a car
This was a long one. There were not many cars going towards Knin border crossing. We were already thinking of spending the night in a tent on the roadside. The other option would have been to cheat with the bus again, but we did not want to give up, although it […]

Waiting time: 12 min
After breaking the rules again and NOT hitchhiking several times, we were serious to get back on track and do it more so we could meet cool people.
Our fat permanent marker got empty at this point but thankfully there was a store nearby and we got restocked. Together with gettin […]

Waiting time: A cevapi meal and a glass of coke
Our stay in Šibenik was boring at most. The cheap cevapi, kids smoking cigarettes around the bus station and the socialist aura beaming from the block buildings was nothing too spectaluar to miss. After getting our next bus tickets we were on our way […]

Waiting time: Bus cheat
Our time was limited – we had to be in Bosnia in two days so the hitchhiking was out of the question this time. Even though it meant more expenses than we were prepared for. We were lucky in the morning to fit in a local bus that took us to the central bus station wher […]

…. but not so much for backpackers.

 Now sit back, relax, and imagine turquoise waters, where rocky hilltops climb up to the blue skies and warm sun peaks through the palm trees, while you are sitting in a nice sea-view restaurant and enjoying your mussels picked with fig jam. Yes that’s […]

September 7, 2014

Waiting time: 75 min
After passing the roadblocks consisting of lambs we were left in a desolate bus station not far away, about 20 kilometers, from our long awaited destination. Even though everything seemed to be easy peasy we had to wait in direct sunlight for quite some time. God bless Ukraine […]

Waiting time: FAIL! + 15 minutes
Little did we know that this perfect hitchhiking spot will let us down.
It was on top of a hill where cars weren’t going too fast. There was excellent visibility to see our signs, enough room to pull over to pick us up. Because it was a village intersection, s […]

September 6, 2014

Waiting time: 15 min
Croatian beer
Krk island had it all – nice marinas, great weather and expensive food. After our trip down the hill to get some coffee, we decided to walk back up for 2km to continue our journey towards less expensive destination Zadar. After a quick ice cream and beer foll […]

Waiting time: 45 min
Tamara and Kadri
Found perfect cardboard
You know you are lucky when you find perfect carboard for hitchhiking right behind the first trash bin on the street. They are perfect size and perfect material. Who put them there?
Because we started early in the morning, as did the othe […]

August 29, 2014

Waiting time: 5 min
Aljaz picked us up from the train station and because it happened to be Špancirfest, we ended up in a bar for the next few hours. After some catching up we headed towards Ptuj in Slovenia, to stay a night with Aljaz’s mother…

Waiting time: 3h 50min
Tired. Starving. Confused.
The walking had taken it’s toll. Sitting seemed to be the best option right now. We were not sure where we are and how we are going to meet Aljaz in Slovenia – we were in Croatia. The stomach was making weird noises so it was best to fill […]

Waiting time: 30mins
We waited, waved at the few cars passing by and started to walk…
Lucky with apples
It was faster and easier to take a walk into next village as our water containers got empty and the day was about to fade into a night…
It was not the worst case, as we saw some apple […]