August 16, 2014

What will you get when combining unquestionable love for Laima, humble hospitality and Via Baltica? A mix of countries that seem so familiar but yet keep you positively surprising each time you visit them. This a beginning of the quest to conquer the world starting from the Baltic States and Poland. […]

August 15, 2014

Waiting time: 1hr 15 min
Late as always,  planned start from 9 AM was stretched to 11. We first took a free bus to Nõmme where we changed for a free train ride towards Laagri. From there on? Destroy our public transport cards, wave goodbye to Tallinn and start hitchhiking.
Dear Latvian neighbors, […]

August 14, 2014

A post about getting travel groove on, packing whole life into 75L bag and actually leaving your home for good.

Getting the groove on.
Couchsurfers Gavin (Canada) and David (USA) helping out with charity work at the dog pound in 2012
Nothing beats a travel with good mindset that starts from right p […]