August 18, 2014

Waiting time: 25min
We were the first ones to start autostopping the cars on the road that leads to Slovakia. After a few minutes of waiting more people popped up. And then some more. We had the first spot down the street, so our chances were higher.
Was it the Zurek we just ate or just pure luck, w […]

Waiting time: 20min
We were lucky. The mountainloving Cornelia and his dad Pavel were on their way to a day of hiking in south-poland.
Pavel picks up hitchhikers as usual as he is sleeping outside without a tent – always.
After we got out of the car the polish Ethno-Elektro music was still h […]

At last, we have arrived to the royal Polish capital Krakow, which crowned the country till 1596.

Friendly reunion
Welcomed by a dear friend and host Blazej, we filled our first delightful evening with a lot of catching up and apple cider. With the counter-sanctions to EU by Russia, the late […]

August 16, 2014

What will you get when combining unquestionable love for Laima, humble hospitality and Via Baltica? A mix of countries that seem so familiar but yet keep you positively surprising each time you visit them. This a beginning of the quest to conquer the world starting from the Baltic States and Poland. […]

Waiting time: 20 min
Law of attraction. We were standing there in pouring rain.
We were very attracted by his car, parked on the parking lot.
He saw us standing on the road, was very attracted by the conscience of leaving us there.
Thank you Bing translator, for making these multicultural conversati […]

Waiting time: 38 min
Well, if you are a truck driver, then riding with hitchhikers is a natural thing.
Although he was riding his small car, but as soon as he saw us, his feet stomped on the breaks automatically. Great news for us, thank you Czarek!

Waiting time: 5 min
What did we say about Polish hospitality? Meet Mateusz, a friend of
the two Polish drivers. Well, since it was pouring rain outside they organized it in a way, that we just had to put our bags from one truck to another. One more detail, if you know Wolfenstein, then check out his […]

Waiting time: 1hr 10 minutes
We got noticed by three Polish drivers, who were eager enough to take us with them if we wont catch a ride within some time.
Yes, the Polish hospitality was showing its best to us once again in the bodies of Mirek and Kristof.
They took us around for quite some time. We […]