October 26, 2014

Waiting time: 4min
The few drops of rain did not melt us. Instead of whining, we walked to a nearby fast food place to keep ourselves happy. After being greeted by the owner of the place, who has been in Estonia for boxing (either as coach or boxer – lost in translation), we got a good deal of […]

Waiting time: 0sec
Time for tea in truck drivers tea house
We woke up, ate our last sandwiches and packed our gear while watching a bunch of rabbits running around the area. The morning was really nice – the temperature was about 14 degrees and the air was super fresh. We washed our teeth an […]

October 25, 2014

Waiting time: 15 minutes + instapickup
First we tried to continue on the road we were on. Some of the cars stopped but offered only short trips – we demanded at least 600km long rides. After some time Kadri thought that maybe we should go on the real highway and just try from there. It is cons […]

Waiting time: eating a sandwich + 4min
Technically we were out of Istanbul but actually it felt like we are still inside the belly of that big beast. The forest of concrete buildings never stopped since we left our apartment, if you don’t consider the time we were crossing water. Anyho […]

Waiting time: ~40 min
Getting away from Istanbul is not your everyday walk in the park.
The Metropolis, with 20 million people in it, covers a giant territory and hitchhiking in the middle of it is anything but reasonable. The drivers tend to stop for you to help even, if the path would not be any u […]

October 4, 2014

Kurbam Bayram – we had heard that name before in Çanakkale and we knew that something was going on during the weekend we were arriving in Izmir, but we could only dream in our wildest dreams to be actually part of this important Muslim celebration up close.
Before I tell you all about how we […]

October 3, 2014

Waiting time: 20 min
Grabbing a lunch
The morning in Canakkale was super windy. We bought a bus card to reach the highways in the end of the city. It was hard to stand as there were fields on both sides of the highway and the seemed like the force of the wind could bend signposts. Thankfully we didn […]

October 1, 2014

Waiting time: 8 min
We were dropped off on the first intersection after the docks, because the driver was turning left and our goal was to go to the right. We did the trick and withdrew some money from the first ATM we saw in Turkey. After that was done we waved our Canakka(le) sign for a short dura […]

Waiting time: ~15 min
On a Ferry from Gallipoli to Lapseki
We were picked up but no clue how fast. It was either instantly, so we didn’t even manage to write it down, or the regular quarter of an hour that seems to be the average around Turkey.
This humble guy took us with his truck to Gallipo […]

Waiting time: 47 min
Not sure what happened around here but it was a long wait. Probably the fact that most of the cars turned right from the intersection and Canakkale is not the sign you would show around here. Eventually we got a relatively short trip with a primary school teacher who was doing p […]

Waiting time: 19 min
Eating Turkish melon in a truck
When we started hitchhiking on this spot, we caught the attention of a driver who was DRIVING THE OTHER WAY. He honked and waved us. About 10 minutes later he had turned around and picked us up. On the way he bought some melon and showed us a neat […]

Waiting time: 5 min
Having our hand drawn map towards Canakkale in our hand, we stopped the next car in matter of minutes. Coincidentally it was exactly the same looking car as we just got off from. Our road continued towards Tekirdag, where our driver asked us to have some tea with him. Of course w […]

Waiting time: 18 min
Hitchhiking signs
We had made it – after fleeing Bulgaria because of the bad weather our arrival in Turkey was like a fresh breath of hot air. The sun was unbearably hot and now we stood on the roadside with no shade. Thankfully there was a gas station nearby where we coul […]