Posted by Andre Eistre on  September 5, 2014 |

Waiting time: Missing

Once again, we chose to cheat with public transportation. The roads out of the town were heading towards unwanted destinations so we took a local bus to catch a train in nearby city. It wasn’t without any surprises – the train tracks were under construction and we were put on another bus, that was supposed to take us to a better train station where trains can actually move…

Entering Croatia by train

Entering Croatia by train

The bus stopped about 20 minutes earlier than we expected, but it was nothing unusual – we had many stops on the way.
After 10 minutes of staying in the same place we got curious what’s the hold. Our GPS also showed, that we are quite far away where we’d suppose to be… After showing our tickets to the bus driver he made some calls (we had a language barrier with him). Seemed like there had been an error.

We got another lift to the correct station where the train was delayed because of us two…

We got on the train and ended up in Croatia in no time.




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