Bosansko Grahovo

Posted by Andre Eistre on  September 9, 2014 |

Waiting time: 40 min

The place for hitchhiking was best in the region – the only road going towards Livno. Although there were not too many cars passing by we could count several in a minute. Now all we needed was someone to be driving a bit further than the next village.

At least we had some shade to hide from the sun and company in the form of an old man sitting on his bench. He wasn’t too talkative though so we just exchanged few words in different languages and understood we have a language barrier. Body language worked though – we offered him some chocolate by reaching the package to him and he pointed his finger  to his missing teeth.

Crowded cement truck

Crowded cement truck

Our destination was 72km away and most of the cars who had to go 75 or more further had to pass it, so statistically our chances were high. Still, our wait turned out to be longer than expected. The shade was getting smaller minute by minute and we were jugging our water even more because of the heat. At some point we noticed an older woman hitchhiking 50 meters before us – darn, she took the first car instead of us…

A bit more waiting and we got lucky with a cement truck that, despite the lack of seats for three people, picked us up!

The driver did not speak much and the car drove slowly – that’s the problem of trucks, they never go more than 90 and sometimes, when they are filled with cement for example, they can go even slower.



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