Posted by Andre Eistre on  September 11, 2014 |

Waiting time: 25 min + 1 hour for the bus

We were determined to start moving that day. So much that even the heavy rain, promised to last  until the evening, didn’t change our mind. We just got out our raincoats and planned to win the nature. Naturally.

Livno hitchhike failure

Livno hitchhike failure

The walk down the hill, which was quite steep, was slippery. Rain came and went as pleased. Followed with breezes of wind. At least it isn’t cold we thought. We only had to walk about 1,5km which is not much if we consider what we have already done with our bags lately.

Hitchhiking started out really funny – it was filled with grumbling, laughter and irony. It wasn’t easy this time – the cars were more of laughing at us than stopping. Whoever said “hitchhikers get picked up the most when it’s raining” was wrong! After 15 minutes we were starting to get cold aswell. The sign was wet like a mop after rinsing. We agreed that once it falls apart we are done and will take a bus. After another 10 minutes it was clear – we are taking a bus.


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