Posted by Andre Eistre on  September 13, 2014 |

Waiting time: nil

Getting away plan for Mostar was dead simple for us – take the train because the view is spectacular from the train. We didn’t want to miss that. After packing our bags, eating food, sending out a bunch of post cards we also got the tickets for train that leaves in the evening. One of the two trains that left in the morning, was long gone.

The German Spy

The German Spy

While waiting in the train station we saw a few other backpackers as well. Milan, pictured left, was one who got into the 1st class train cart as we did. We had a conversation so interesting that we forgot to feel bad for the fact that it was dark outside and we could not see any of that famous view everybody kept talking about. We had no clue what kind of relationship we are about to build with this German bred man, a possible spy…


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