Posted by Andre Eistre on  September 16, 2014 |

Waiting time: 40 minutes

We started the morning together with Milan, the German guy we met in train from Mostar to Sarajevo. Our plan was to get to Belgrade, he just wanted to take the first random car and see where it goes. What a good plan.

We walked out of the city on the highway – a self-killers choice of hitchhiking. After some time, cops came and parked their car right next to us and started stopping random cars to check their documents.

Didn’t feel like the best place for hitchhiking. We sat there for some time and Andre played his newly acquired harmonica. The nature around us was really nice – a river flowing parallel with the highway, 100 meters behind was a tunnel and in the other side was a bridge over one of the joining rivers and another road coming to the highway. We decided to try our luck there. Not really settled in to stop any cars, one of them already stopped. It was our lucky day because Adi, the driver, was driving just towards Belgrade. He was a Bosnian Muslim who had lived outside Bosnia for quite some time because of the war. Now he was married to a Serbian catholic woman and they are living happily ever after. What a coincidence – we were really interested of BiH & Serbian relations in humane levels. During the next few hours we got a ride with great conversations towards Belgrade. Accidentally we almost drove to Croatia but just before the border, we turned around.


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