Posted by Andre Eistre on  August 29, 2014 |

Waiting time: 30mins

We waited, waved at the few cars passing by and started to walk…

Lucky with apples

Lucky with apples

It was faster and easier to take a walk into next village as our water containers got empty and the day was about to fade into a night…

It was not the worst case, as we saw some apple trees just around the corner. Because we didn’t want to trespass and steal apples from other peoples properties, we just walked next to the fence and took some apples that were leaning over it.

After walking a few kiolometers and entering a village in about 200 meters we saw a man at his house gates. We asked for water, we got invited into their yard to sit and relax for a few minutes.

Son of the family told us about train station in the neighboring village and we decided to get our asses there instead of sitting around. It’s easy to get by in Europe, most of the people can speak English. If they cant, you can get by with German or Russian.

Anyway, we took a walk towards the train station and tried to catch any passing cars on the way. We got picked up for a few last kilometers and taken directly into train station. Great!


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