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Tamara & Kadri

Tamara and Kadri

Found perfect cardboard

Found perfect cardboard

You know you are lucky when you find perfect carboard for hitchhiking right behind the first trash bin on the street. They are perfect size and perfect material. Who put them there?

Because we started early in the morning, as did the other hitchhikers, we met a German couple who were going to Zagreb and took the same local bus that took us close to the highway.

We were trying to get on A7 and they were after A6. It was great to have some company to perform our theatrical acts to the drives getting on the highway. After some time they took the suicide option to hitchhike right on the motorway. Not sure about their fate but we got on Tamara’s car who, instead of taking us to a better hitchhiking spot towards Zadar as we agreed at start, took us to the biggest island in Croatia named Krk. It was nice to be picked up by a female – this was the first time ever to happens to us. Croatian women are brave!


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