Posted by Andre Eistre on  September 7, 2014 |

Waiting time: FAIL! + 15 minutes

Little did we know that this perfect hitchhiking spot will let us down.
It was on top of a hill where cars weren’t going too fast. There was excellent visibility to see our signs, enough room to pull over to pick us up. Because it was a village intersection, sometimes the cars stopped to take a turn which paused the whole traffic for us.

Nonetheless we were doomed by our own ceasless luck – nobody picked us up this time.
We ate our emergency food but still felt that we could eat some more later on. There were no shops nearby and the hippies who stopped nearby to prepare some food for themselves didn’t ask us to join their dinner.

Croatian hospitality

Call it the law of attraction or just Croatian hospitality, a local guy (who probably was watching us two dancing on the roadside) eventually came over to us and without further introduction pulled out a plastic bag full of food enough for two of us.

It was typical Croatian potato salad, homemade chicken nuggets, a long baguette and some “rabbit salad”, which essentially was a box of juicy vegetable salad to go with the dish. This was more than two of us could have wished for. So we quickly filled our bellies and continued our streak of fails until it got dark.

We, the rebels, set up the tent on the roadside (which is illegal in Croatia) and slept the night peacefully while dreaming about getting a ride the next day.

Šmirka to ZadarDuring the next day everything was smooth. We got the ride really quickly. This great lady took us around Croatias coast and mountains, explaining a lot about it’s history, peoples mentality, weather peculiarities and so on. All of this cannot be explained here and has to be covered in our future posts accompanied with the pictures we took on our way towards Zadar…



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