Posted by Andre Eistre on  September 8, 2014 |

Waiting time: 12 min

After breaking the rules again and NOT hitchhiking several times, we were serious to get back on track and do it more so we could meet cool people.

Our fat permanent marker got empty at this point but thankfully there was a store nearby and we got restocked. Together with getting a new pen the process of hitchhiking took about 12 minutes.

A good place to stop your car, eh?

A good place to stop your car, eh?

The car stopped right in the middle of intersection, in between two lanes. Not the most competent driver, but we still jumped in after he said chiao. As a surprise we discovered that we are getting Italian lesson during our trip – that was the only language the guy spoke! Thanks to our superior skills in body language & guessing we could actually understand some of the non stop flow of Italian sentences. He was a religious Italian historian who was now living in Šibenik which was not our destination. We agreed to get off on the intersection towards Bosnia.

It was a short trip with really high concentration of unknown words.


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