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We were dropped off in Drniš, small town not far away from Bosnia Herzegovina. The bus station seemed to be abandoned. Having heard the opinion of a local about the settlements located near the country border, we were about to visit dirty, dangerous and lost side of Croatia. This was a bit of a spoiler but made us a bit more careful.

We had the opportunity to camp out, but were a bit afraid of the possible landmines scattered around the fields. We did some more hitchhiking when the sun was out, but decided to take the last bus to Knin to get closer to Bosnia and arrive in our next Couchsurfing spot in time. After about an hour our bus arrived. It was packed with teenage kids who were either bullying each other or playing games on their phones. Surrounded by the loud sound of the old buses engine, the ride into the dark night started, accompanied with constant laughs of the kids.

Tri Lovca

Tri Lovca

We arrived in Knin quite late and started to look for a place to stay. Having no clue where to go, we asked locals and they pointed us to “Tri Lovca” which was a hotel with bright blinking neon lights a kilometer or two away from the bus station. It seemed like a plot for horror movie, with interior from twenty years ago and no other guests anywhere to be seen. Because it did not seem a popular place, we got the price down to 20€ for a night, which was still way over our budget. The receptionist with scrawny cheecks and white shirt was kind.

This place, compared to our nights spent in the tent and cheap hostels, where the dampness of the stagnant air will make you dizzy,  was actually pretty luxorious – with double sized bed, WiFi, satellite TV, a shower with decent showerhead and so on. At this point we had nothing to whine about and enjoyed some “Big Bang Theory” which was subtitled, not overdubbed. Even the blinking lights, right next to our window, did not disturb our deep hibernation…


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