Posted by Andre Eistre on  September 9, 2014 |

Waiting time: 43 min

The morning was hot pretty hot. The sun was out as we woke up early, to do some sightseeing before we head off after checkout. We had our morning burek with yoghurt and headed off to climb the hill to see the fortress and the view over the region. This used to be battle grounds during clashes of Croatians and Serb after breaking out from Yugoslavian Union.

Knin road constructions

Knin road constructions

After this quick run up and down the hill, we got back to the hotel, took our bags, had some coffee and walked about 4km to our hitchhiking spot out of the town. It was a perfect place. There was cover from the blazing sun, there was some clean cardboard lying on the roadside and also some traffic to support our trip towards Bosnia. We did wait quite some time because most of the cars were driving to neighboring villages instead of neighboring country. Nevertheless we were picked up and taken directly to the border passing by a couple in their fifties who now had a house just outside of Knin. They were Bosnian Serbs who had been living abroad during nineties and the war. These days, they are back and enjoying the countryside.

On the border we showed our passports and walked towards Bosnia & Herzegovina – no hitchhiking is allowed on the border.


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