HR/BIH border

Posted by Andre Eistre on  September 9, 2014 |

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We approached the guards at the border for passport control by foot. They were quite astonished to see us walking over the border in the middle of nowhere. When we told them we are autostopping our way towards Livno, they looked at us serious faces, gave us back our documents and observed us until we disappeared behind the curve…

There were two trucks minding their business in the parking lot. We waved to them, but there was not much interest from their side. Kadri was writing a sign for the next town where we had to get for more traffic towards Livno. There was a Mercedes passing by, the guy smiled, but did not stop for us. After some time, it came back from its trip, turned around and stopped next to us. “I went to get cigarettes, get on the car” he said. It was Dario.



He looked like a tough guy, maybe not the type of a man whose car you would jump on the first second. He had a positive attitude and desire to get to know more about us, the friendly and positive aura around him could be felt. We about Croatia, Yugoslavia, Bosnia & Serbia. We talked about wars – he was ex-soldier. Those were exactly the topics we were there for – and all we needed to do was to stand on the roadside and the right person was brought into our lives. All of this happened even before we actually realized that we are in Bosnia.

We told more about our trip and he took us to a really good hitchhiking spot. We exchanged contacts, waved for goodbye and thanked our luck. What an intro to a new country…


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