Posted by Andre Eistre on  October 25, 2014 |

Waiting time: ~40 min

Getting away from Istanbul is not your everyday walk in the park.
The Metropolis, with 20 million people in it, covers a giant territory and hitchhiking in the middle of it is anything but reasonable. The drivers tend to stop for you to help even, if the path would not be any use to you. Instead of spending our time on the roadside talking to so many cars that are no use to us, we decided to use a bit of public transport – which works just super well in Istanbul.

Silhouette of European side of Istanbul, and a guy smoking

Silhouette of European side of Istanbul, and a guy smoking

We happened to stay next to a ferry station in European side so first we took a cheap ride to the Asian side. From there our only goal was to find a bus number 130 and drive about 60 km out of the city center. From the next stop we decided to take another bus, no 200, which took us 30 km forward. From there we had much more chance of being picked up by someone who is traveling far to the east of Turkey or maybe even to Georgia – our destination.

This whole journey of 2 buses and a ferry took us quite some time. About 2 hours with the rides and waiting combined. The reward was a perfect spot to hitchhike cars and trucks with ease.

p.s. When you are considerably far away from the city center you actually are in the suburbs and normal Istanbul rules may not apply. For example in bus no 200 you are unable to pay with Istanbul Card and need something else. Talk in English and act like a tourist and you will get your ride for free.


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