Posted by Andre Eistre on  October 29, 2014 |

Waiting time: mixed

Our initial plan was to get to Mestia right after Kutaisi to save time. Our stay in Turkey made us hurry. In our way to the next spot we met many Georgians who asked about our origins, hearing “Estonia” as the answer made them all very friendly towards us. After getting some cardboard and new warm hats for ourselves from a garage sale, we were heading towards “the short road” to Mestia.

The wait in there was a lot shorter than we spent on walking there – the locals told us that this particular road is covered in snow and is impassable. We gave up and decided to head to the city center, which was not far – about 4 km. On our way we had wonderful encounters with the messengers of the God, who invited us over to a lunch in the courtyard of a Church that was being built. 4 glasses of wine later we felt dizzy and headed on. We ended up staying in a Homestay where we met many travelers who were also heading to Mestia. We decided to join forces and take the relatively cheap marshrutka in the morning.

The hangover, that was produced by a large dose of young wine, almost kept us from starting in the morning, but we managed to force ourselves to move and spent the whole day on the road in a minivan. There was always too much people in the bus. Some of them smell really good and some of them not so well. Thankfully the last one we took was mostly for ourselves and we even managed to make some photoshoot stops on the road 🙂


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