Posted by Andre Eistre on  November 3, 2014 |

Waiting time: 4 hours

Pretty decent waiting time, combined with the lunch in local supermarket. We had some doubts about this place – the suspicious locals, who were walking back and forth, were constantly gazing at our bags. Sun was a few hours from setting and we were getting worried that we won’t make it to Yerevan within the next 24 hours as planned. Asking around to find alternative options, like buses and marshrutkas, did not produce anything worthwhile – there were none.

After countless arguments between us two of what would be the best action we felt tired. We decided to head back to the road that takes cars to Yerevan, on the way we waved the signs non-stop. Azerbaijan drivers flipped fingers on us, as they don’t like Armenians – it was getting quite hostile.

Then, two cars stopped and signaled us to approach them. Everything was so weird but something about these guys was right…

We went with them, and had the best introduction to Armenia ever. It turned out to be so great that we dedicated a whole article about it. Read the full story from here.


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