Posted by Andre Eistre on  October 26, 2014 |

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Time for tea in truck drivers tea house

Time for tea in truck drivers tea house

We woke up, ate our last sandwiches and packed our gear while watching a bunch of rabbits running around the area. The morning was really nice – the temperature was about 14 degrees and the air was super fresh. We washed our teeth and rinsed our eyes in the gas station restroom close by.

We headed to a little roadside café to have some tea and write our next signs to start Hitchhiking. We went outside towards the road. There was a truck exiting the parking lot where we just came from and we tried our luck by showing the sign to him – it was a match, he was going there.

We had our ride in no time. Salik was super cool guy, we went for tea on the road and he bought us fruits, water and otherwise tried to keep us happy. At some point he just stopped to get us some fresh Turkish bread. The hospitality around this region is not comparable with anything we have experienced in other countries, there is a lot to learn of this for western people .


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