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Waiting time: 1 hour

It was nice and cold, the water was liquid but not a lot was missing from it being frozen. Our clothes were not meant for standing in the cold for an hour. The traffic was not dense and it mostly consisted local cars going back and forth to the gas station where we were standing.

At some point a local guy came to paint the fence next to us. He told that if we don’t get a ride until 5pm, he will take us. We were happy but did not want to give up getting a ride before the noon.

Some cars did stop, but they insisted to be paid – we let them go. At some point a young man stopped and told us he can take us for free, we jumped in.
Right after getting in his mother-in-law, who was sitting on the front passenger seat, asked us in local language “so how much are you paying?” and showed the international cash sign with the fingers. We were a bit confused as the driver just offered us a free ride. And then the argument started, between the driver and his companion. Guy insisted us to stay, and started driving. The nagging was pretty bad and we were about to give up the ride right when she gave up.

Her face was priceless – angry, bitter, disappointed of his no-good son-in-law.

The journey continued mostly in silence and our attempts of starting a conversation were silenced by her face.

Oh, she did offer us some chewing resin that colored our gums and teeth red for days. It was really bad.

Georgi, the local goods carrier

Georgi, the local goods carrier and Andre

When we got out of the mountains she insisted that we are left on the roadside, although they continued on it.

In the matter of minutes we were picked up by Georgi, a local guy who is transporting goods. Georgi from Georgia – he was a nice guy 🙂


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