Novi Sad

Posted by Andre Eistre on  September 20, 2014 |

Waiting time: 1h 31min + extras

This was actually a combined trip of two cars, a bus and eventually a train that we took from Belgrade.

We were waiting in the edge of Novi Sad, just on the onramp to Highway. It wasn’t the easiest place cause there were not many cars going towards Belgrade. We met some other hitchhikers either coming to or going away from Novi Sad.

Most interesting guy was Billy – a Polish guy who flew to Iran and was now hitchhiking back towards Poland. This was a topic for us because we were just on our way to Iran and we shared the transportation means of hitchhiking. He also explained how he is camping in tent on the roadsides and gas stations – something that Kadri still fears a bit. We gave him a few hints about Novi Sad, that he was visiting just real quick before going to Budapest, Hungary.

We got a ride so short that we it’s not worth separate post. After that we got a next ride really fast. Heavy rains started. We took a city bus to the middle of Belgrade from the place we were left off and went back to our old hostel to make plans what to do next.

We decided to flee Serbia because of the bad weather. Our preferred option was to go to Kosovo but everything seemed to be against it – the buses arrived in bad place around 3am. We had some other minor setbacks and eventually decided to go to Bulgaria by train. It seemed to be a good option because it was overnight train so we’d save money on accommodation.

So we fled. With a train.


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