Taste of The Bulls Blood: Eger

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We cheated!!

Arnold - Couchsurfing host

Arnold – Couchsurfing host

We took a train, to make it in time to Eger and meet our Couchsurfing host. Arnold, the host, caught our eye when we were going through profiles in the portal. His profile was as interesting and impressive as were his personal stories he shared with us. During his 40 years of life, he has built up many companies and let them all go. Today he is devoted to his personal growth and has gave up most of the material and self-centered lifestyle what once was filled with luxurious cars and large condos.

The apartment we stayed in had the best location in the town, being very center of everything. We had a nice room to stay privately and since Arnold was always on the go, we most of the time were the only ones at home.



Valley of Beautiful Women

Eger in North-East of Hungary, was a town worth taking a trip to. Not only is it memorable for Hungarians for its victorious battle against Turks in 1552, but it’s also an unofficial capital of wine.  Yep, not Tokaji as we would believe, but Eger beats the crown with its numerous wineries. In the Valley of Beautiful Women (Szépasszonyvölgy), all women can be literally become beautiful, since the wine is cheap and there are more wine cellars in the row than you can go through during a weekend. Just a walk from the city center, down the hills, and you will find grape fields and a boulevard with about 46 wineries. Just step in the one you like, and start tasting- free of course. If you have found something for your taste, the glass is just about 30 € cents and if you really like it, then bottle (1 L) costs 1,5 €. The most famous of them all is the local red wine Bikaver, which symbolizes bulls blood that mixed with wine is believed to give you strength and resistance.

The Valley of Beautiful Women

The Valley of Beautiful Women


The Sites

Besides the wine limbo, Eger has an absolutely stunning old town that takes a day to visit with its fortress.  Cobble stoned and red roofed city center meanders down from the fortress hill and keeps you busy with discovering the small passages and courtyards. If you tend to be a fan of religious and historical buildings then this small town with just 40 000 inhabitants, has over 10 churches, basilicas and a minaret to see and visit.

Eger linn


The Fun

Last but not least, in the very center of Eger there’s a big outdoor spa with thermal baths that will help to pamper that mild headache you might have received from a bit too much wine. Entering the facility after 4 PM from Sunday-Wednesday, entrance fee is at its cheapest for 1000 HUF (3,5 €). Many outdoor pools with water ranging from 28-34 degrees Celsius can be a just an amazing end for your stay in the town. Top that with a walk through the Archbishops park (Érsekkert) and you should be well relaxed for upcoming travels.

Eger Thermal Spa

Eger Thermal Spa



In the Gözombok heaven

In the Gözombok heaven

And one more thing – if you grave for some good dessert, then find sign with Gözombok . Even though it supposedly be Austrian, it is so damn good that it could be Hungarian as well.


Jó étvágyat







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