Posted by Andre Eistre on  September 26, 2014 |

Waiting time: missing

During this time of year it is raining often around here. So after our long stay in Sofia, 5 nights instead of 3, we decided to head off towards east, where weather tends to be better. Because of rain, and the fact that we had been in Sofia for quite some time already, we decided to take a train – it’s relatively cheap around here and a lot better option than getting stuck in random town when you are in a hurry. We went back the route we already had walked once – to the train station.

After some problems with ATM-s (none of them were working around the train station) we decided to change 20 EUR to Bulgarian money to pay for our train tickets that were worth 8 EUR. The rate in the train station is not the best so eventually it paid for these tickets and that was it.

We were on our way towards Veliko Tarnovo.

Oh, and the flip-flops pictured above belonged to Milan, the German guy who we suspect in being a spy because he has been following us in Sarajevo, Belgrade and Sofia – we stayed in the same hostels. This hardcore traveler, as you can see, might be one of the reasons why we also stayed longer in Sofia. It’s hard to say no to good company.


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