Posted by Andre Eistre on  November 3, 2014 |

Waiting time: 10 minutes

Hitchhiking in the middle of the city is usually waste of time so we took a cheap marshrutka to the big road that takes cars out of the city and tried our luck there. We were lucky as the next car that stopped offered to take us relatively close to the border.

The guy was talkative and super nice – he bought us coffee on the road. He wasn’t going to let us go just like that, instead he started asking around who could take us to Armenia. We insisted that he has done too much for us already and we will just continue the same way we always do – prepare a new sign and smile on the roadside.

Puri shop

Puri shop

We had great time in Georgia, it is one of our favorite countries for food, although not be the best for losing weight. Sometimes it might be good idea to ask about portions of the food as if you are trying to eat light by ordering a Caesar Salad you might end up with a bowl of salad enough for two.

Takeaway: Get at least one of the Puri bread straight from the oven of the cellar bread shops – it is delicious.


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