The Royal Capital of Poland – Krakow

Posted by Andre Eistre on  August 18, 2014 |

At last, we have arrived to the royal Polish capital Krakow, which crowned the country till 1596.


Friendly reunion

Welcomed by a dear friend and host Blazej, we filled our first delightful evening with a lot of catching up and apple cider. With the counter-sanctions to EU by Russia, the late summer apple season is flooding Poland with its crops, and since the borders for export are closed, apples are the new hot topic for everyone. Not only can you sip the cider for almost half of the price, you are also welcomed to “apple parties” and other happenings, which would feed your lure for this fruit.



Krakow, which was spared from the World War II destruction, greets the tourists with stunning historical buildings and the majestic Wawel Castle. Being the leading center of Polish cultural and academic life, it projects the vibe from one house to another, mixing the artsy and hipster districts with university and research centers. Today Krakow has it all. In one way it reflects its noble past from the era of its royal highlights of the Polish Kingdom. On the other hand it reveals its darker times through the Kazimierz district and Krakow Ghetto (at Podgorze), which was the base for the mass deportation of the Jews during the “city cleaning” during the 1940’s. Despite all that, Krakow is growing and booming, and as being the economic hub of Poland it’s is flattering the city scape with high and modern buildings.

For this time of the stay, we decided to just mingle around, by taking the city bikes for a ride and relax on the waterside “beach” of the Vistula River. Our two night stay in Krakow followed its own slow path, which we just filled with a bit of seeing new and more of sighting the familiar.  It was good to be back and use it as booster for the next upcoming weeks.

Krakow "Beach"

Krakow “Beach”


Where else to go?

Our first visit to this historic city happened last year, when we took time to explore it from inside out. Based on the previous stay, we can definitely suggest Krakow with all its old and historic sites and districts as a highlight to visit in Poland. But as well to see the surrounding Wieliczka Salt Mine and the State Museum Auschwitz-Birkenau, which both had a great impact on us.




Timelapse of our short stay:


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