Posted by Andre Eistre on  October 26, 2014 |

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In fast food restaurantThe few drops of rain did not melt us. Instead of whining, we walked to a nearby fast food place to keep ourselves happy. After being greeted by the owner of the place, who has been in Estonia for boxing (either as coach or boxer – lost in translation), we got a good deal of dinner in form of prefabricated meat with some bread and fries to go with it. We shared our story, paid too much for the food and left the place with a smiling face.

It could have been the smiles we had, but our next ride came fast. The driver, Talat, was really talkative and shared similar view about the World as us. We just had to pick up his girlfriend and off we went towards Batumi, The Las Vegas of the black sea. They also knew some tricks and had a private taxi, black BMW, to take us from the border to the city itself.

We had the plan to stay there for a few nights, Talat and his girlfriend planned to go only for a night of party and Gambling so our ways parted on the very same evening.

I guess the parties just aren’t the same in Turkey.


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