Posted by Andre Eistre on  September 30, 2014 |

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Varna – a random place on earth where the german stalker found us again. For some reason he came there from Romania and ended up in the same hostel and same dorm room where we were. It’s a bit creepy but we are OK with it, because he’s a great guy to spend time  with.

Nonetheless after a few days we had to move on. And our next country of choice was Turkey with Canakkale as our first goal. The ride was about 550km which is doable over a day. Well, we did Tallinn-Krakow in less than 24 hours and it tops around 1250km.

So we took another city bus to reach the edge of the town. It was a nice place for hitchhikig, we got the ride in less than 20 minutes and got on a car with an interesting driver. Our journey was onwards to Burgas.


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