Veliko Tarnovo

Posted by Andre Eistre on  September 28, 2014 |

Waiting time: 20min + 15min

Even though V. Tarnovo was a stunning city, we had to move on. We took the city bus to highway on-ramp. Our goal was to get to Varna which was about 3 hours away. Even though we were standing near sign that clearly said “VARNA” we didn’t get any good feedback from the drivers. Eventually a couple stopped even though they had a kid in the child seat and trunk full of bags. We forced ourselves and our bags in and they took us to a better road that also had cars coming from Sofia towards Varna. It was a really good trick, we got our next car relatively fast and the passing cars were giving us feedback also (showing they are turning left, they cant take us because they don’t have rom or just beeping to cheer us up).

The trip was straightforward, we did not get the best contact with the driver and didn’t speak much with him but he took us really close to our hostel in Varna, which is always a good thing. The city looked really industrial with a lot of warehouses and docks for ships. But we knew the city has more to offer…


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