Posted by Andre Eistre on  November 8, 2014 |

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We really enjoyed our week in Yerevan. We hooked up with some Croats who we first met in Georgia and did some sightseeing. Our stay in Envoy Hostel was pretty awesome – they gave us a private walking tour (sic!) for free! Everything was just great in the hostel and the fact that our room didn’t have any windows was a treat, as we arrived 4am and slept until late afternoon on the first day.

We met our lovely host Anna and from there on, she had everything planned. Besides the week of full fine dining and great conversations, he had organized us a private car to attend an IT conference in Gyumri, which is the upcoming IT center of Armenia. The event attracted many people from Estonian Startup-Scene as well so we had a great weekend ahead of us.

We had chauffeured transport so getting on to the cars was pretty straightforward…

Takeaway: Our favorite restaurant, where we ended up eating many-many times, was Caucasus Tavern


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