Posted by Andre Eistre on  October 31, 2014 |

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We were dropped off in the market of Zugdidi. We had passed it before so it was not hard to get on the road that takes us back to Kutaisi. Because we had lost all the company we had during our trip to the Caucasus mountains, we had the opportunity to hitchhike and so we did.

We were picked up by the a guy who is probably the fastest driver in the whole Georgia. His V12 Hemi Chrysler was a beast and he loved to show off. He also had a little cute daughter who had the opportunity to learn some English with Kadri in the backseat. We had a joyful ride, listened to local music and got some information about Tbilisi and, of course, a Georgian language lesson.
Thank you very much should be something like “Shnorhakalutyun” if you want to use an alternative to “Madloba”.


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