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Or in other words we are having a cool and unique opportunity to be featured by other travel bloggers. There are four questions that blog hoppers will pass to each other, trying to explain the driving force that makes them sit behind the keyboard.

This “hop” was granted to us by a Mr. & Mrs. Johnston, or Brintee & Mark , travelling the world, who we  fondly call our superstar bloggers. Their visually attractive and amazing travel blog has got some world wide attention and the bits and pieces they cover within beautiful picture galleries and witty writings are worth the fame. Their  One World One Year adventure has taken them from US to Japan, with Trans-Siberian to Europe and now back to South East Asia, where they settle in for a while and enjoy the noodle soups. Hope to see you guys in Vietnam!

Britnee and Mark www.oneworldoneyear.com

Britnee and Mark www.oneworldoneyear.com


What are we working on/writing?

At the moment we are working on our website to look better – we changed the page dramatically few weeks back and now we just try to get everything organized again. Also we are trying to find different and interesting angles to write about and try to build up an audience for the page. Its a compliment for us when we see a stranger sharing our post.

Traveling takes the most of our time, so in the beginning of the trip writing a blog was really hard work. We got so behind with our writings that we took a week off in Istanbul just to document our experiences. Now we are pretty much caught up and more up to date posts are popping up weekly basis.

Besides writing articles about countries, cities and attractions we document our route – how we got from point A to point B, this is something that we can add quickly once we have internet and complete later with pictures and hopefully spice with some funny stories.

How does our work/writing differ from others of its genre?

Its hard to be very different, cause all the great ideas are done by some nomad already. The most different might be the fact that we are hitch-hiking and we are marking down all the rides, the waiting times, the interesting happenings and also if possible snap a picture with our drivers. Although, there are probably people doing that also. We try to cover as much land as possible during our trip around the Globe, so there will be a decent amount of dots in the end. Today ,on our 79th day of travel, we have had all together 65 different rides including delivery trucks, pickup trucks , trains, coaches, marshutkas, cement cars and so on. We just had a nice idea for the future but this will pop up as a surprise later on!

We also plan to start writing about weird things we have experienced and seen. For example – for many western people going to the “Asian style” toilet can be a very terrifying experience, cause they have no idea what the hell do they have to do in there. Hopefully we can demystify some of the things, that are norm in other parts of the world.

Why do we write what we do?

The reason is simple – we forget! In 2010, when we were traveling in China, our camera got stolen on the last day of our trip and we ended up with only 4 days worth of pictures from the start of our trip. Half a year later many details of the China had faded away and as time passes this phenomena continues exponentially. After that incident we started to write a personal journal in our travels as well as copying pictures to any imaginable digital device. By doing this in a digital format we can easily restore the memories and give any feedback about places if anyone asks.

We also get asked a lot about our whereabouts and how we got there so this is one way to avoid answering the same question over and over again – we show it on a map.

If we produce a critical mass of useful data our page could be helpful or maybe even encouraging to someone who is planning a similar change in ones life.

How does our writing process work?

Our work is pretty much divided: When we stand on the road then Kadri marks down exact time how long we are waiting a car, writes down the name of the driver and if anything interesting is to remember from the conversation. Andres job is to hack the web page and put down all the checkpoints with its details and a short review of the trip. For the longer articles, we usually think about the angle together and then Kadri writes drafts and chooses pictures, Andre revises and adds his thoughts. As we are travelling here as a team, we try to write the blog as one.

Blogs we would like to share

Benjamin and Johanna

We met Ben and Johanna first in Hostel Mostel in Sofia. After that we have met them randomly several times in different cities and plan to continue doing it. When we can’t have lunch or dinner together, we can check their progress on benandjohannagreettheworld.com where they add high quality pictures of places they have been. Their travel route is really similar to ours and because they summarize their visits we have less probability of missing out nice spots. Oh, and their final destination is Estonia where we happen to be from so we are really crossing our fingers for them.

p.s. They have a toy turtle with them who happens to be a internet sensation.
The turtle is similar to our toy duck whose name is Tibu. Although this fella doesn’t have it’s own blog yet he happens to pop up on our pictures from time to time. You can find the pictures of the teenage mutant stuffed turtle from thetravelingturtle.tumblr.com

Ben and Johanna www.benandjohannagreettheworld.com

Ben and Johanna www.benandjohannagreettheworld.com

Shane – the American

When meeting Shane the first thing you notice is the absolute calmness – this is a feature of a seasoned traveler. Despite of his fairly young age he has traveled the World for over 3 years now. He has criss-crossed his on “backyard” in the USA and backpacked the unknown paths around the Globe. He is a great mix between Bear Grylls, with his love for survivalism, and Conor Woodman, taking on the urban jungle. Even though he is now back home and trying to figure out what is his mission out here, his blog is worth to keep an eye on. Hope to see you soon again – either in Hostel Mostel lounge sharing a stories over the waffles, or in your organic farm somewhere in Philadelphia.

Check out his daring adventures from Bucketlist Backpacker

Shane www.bucketlistbackpacker.com

Shane www.bucketlistbackpacker.com


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